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Business Euro Net
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Networking  Launch Management
If you Looking  for a  Service/Product  for ; 

                              - Networking Promoter.           - Internet Social Media set-up.
                              - YouTube Controller               - Social Media Site Controller.   
                              - Site Moderator                       - Site exposure and communications 


Anthony M. Carapinha

As a qualified Service/Product Launch Manager with our Company services, we can manage all aspects of your Business from the very beginning to the constant growth of the Service or Product.

With  a proven  track record  of  helping others achieve their  goals, we can see a great success  of  their  growth  with  constant attention  to your Companies  communication on the  Net. Also because of our  Locality  we can offer you our services  at a  very reasonable  cost.     



Our Going Growth Sites
"Outstanding  Growth In A Short Time"

YouTube - My Moves And Things

Started  this  Entertainment Channel from nothing and now it has a growth of  over  29,500,000  views  and over 8,000 Subscribers  in a little over  a year.  Not  only does it produce  a  powerful advertising tool  for links to other  markets but is also an income earner. 

                                                          YouTube - Cookingaround

Built  this Channel  right  from the  word  “go”  and has grown to 3,500,000  views and  about  17,000  Subscribers  in a  short  time. This  has  to  one  of  the  hardest  YouTube  Channels  to  build because of the  competition on the net.  

Blog – Cooking  Around  The World

This Cooking  Blog got to over  300,000 views in only a few short months.  Blogs  help you communicate with the search engines  of the Net.  By giving out, information and some  picture on a frequent basis  will  attract more viewers to your  service or product.  

Blog - Magic Diet Plan

A place where we start with some diet dishes that work and proven to work. Also with a complete course on moderate exercises that are really a "walk in the Park"  to keep your weight under control. 


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