Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Get Motivation From 1, 2 to Start.

Get Motivation  From   1,  2  to  Start. 

Looking for that dream job or trying out a new Diet, well-being motivated can make a great difference between winning or losing. It does not matter whether it is a Business or your personal Life, it’s how your inner motivation thinking  propels   you for succeed or failure. 

Motivation combined with the right attitude often requires some practice until it becomes automatic in your daily life.  Now once you have mastered the power of motivation, it will send you into untiring energy and a feeling of acceleration to accomplish anything you want in Life.  

Where Can I find My Motivation?

Well, just look around you, the world is just filled  with successful  People.  Start   by observing them and soon you will catch on, on what powers them to succeed. 

- Draw motivation from the successful people or so called world Motivators and also the ones that haven’t achieved much and you will reach your goals with both types of people.

- Motivators are people that are enjoying a great amount of success in their lives, giving you a concrete vision of where you would like to be at.

- Now those that haven’t achieved much can also serve you as a reminder, of what you do not want in life. As a thought,  ask yourself,  " do they” have what you want, do they live the life that you’re looking for. If the answer is no, then get motivated and get started on the right path to seek “what you want in order to not get into their position.

Stay Focused On Your Vision

In order to achieve  your vision, it’s important to stay focused  on your goals in the present, the near and far future.  Focus on the positive things that will give you the right outcome and  the motivation that you desire. 

- To reach your goals keep reminding yourself “why” are you doing this. keep going forward towards your success and keep doing everything positive that takes you towards your goals. It’s just like climbing a high mountain, “keep looking up and do not look down”.

- By remembering your “why" it will give you the focus that you will need to drive forward to be motivated as your vision comes into your life. As you master more of these “goals” then the energy will come automatically and will be a natural part of your life and there will be nothing stopping you.

- Stay centered on the reasons “why” you are doing this. It’s important to set up your goals “ what you want” with the outcome. If you do not have a reason to get up, do something to propel yourself forward, find one to get you going. Ask yourself, what do I want, how can I get there and what is the path to archive it. The path may not always be clear, but just keep on

moving forward and it will become clear.

Believe In Yourself

It’s important to believe in yourself, I know,  it’s hard, when you are tired and  sometimes you find yourself down and in the dumps. Now feeling down or feeling fine is really only a state of mind. The world is full of negative, news, TV etc. , it seems that it is only what the mass’s want to hear, negativity feeds the hungry.  We need to surround ourselves with as much positive things as possible, only in this way can we shield our thoughts from  things that will bring us down.   

- Stay positive in your thoughts, have confidence in your yourself and your abilities, remember that we are all different, but each one has a special talent and will always excel in it, if they just stay positive and believe in themselves.

- Staying positive can really be a life challenge, but by keeping up and pushing forward you will be able to have it work for you on an automatic basis. It is important in the beginning to learn “how” to program your sub-couscous mind so it will work for you without you always being aware of what you are doing. One example of the sub-mind is when you are walking, you do not say , right foot move forward then left foot move forward, no you do not, for your body has programmed your sub-mind to act automatically to have you walk.

Another example is, how many times have you walked a few blocks and then looked back and you did not remember walking down the street, stopping for the lights, crossing the streets or things that you have passed. It’s you sub-mind that takes over your body and guilds you to where you are going without you even being aware of what you are doing. So we can program our sub-mind to accept only positive things and reject out the negative, all automatically.

- What do Achievers have different then you, they have the same mortal body, they have feelings, they feel pain and they are not indestructible, they are just like you and everyone else. The only thing different is the way they “think”, they have controlled their thinking process and program it for success. They have built up their thought process to “believe in “themselves” and programmed their sub-mind to act on automatic.

Just keep saying to yourself, that “If they could do it, so can I”.  So start to take the steps toward your Goals, remember practice makes perfect.  Do not give up, do not look back, chest up, and move forward and everything will come into place.  

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