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YouTube As A Business - Lecture # 1 - (Free Lecture).

How to Make Money From YouTube  -  

YouTube  As  A  Business: 

-  People do not look at YouTube as a Business.

-  Valuable content is in high demand.

-  Promote your Company.

-  Gives Freedom.

-  Makes Money  24/7.

-  YouTube views, a powerful tool.

-  4 billion hours of video being watched per minute.

-  Requires the right preparation, execution, and equipment — but most importantly, patience.

My YouTube  Business;

-  My Channel was created in around 2007.

-  Started to move in around about a year.

-  Have two Channels, one “about me”, another one Cooking.

-  Have an average of  55, 000 views per day.

-  Have a growth of about  1,800,000 views per Month.

-  How much I make,  “You can try guessing ”.

-  My Goal,   $$$  Dollars per year.

My Moves And Things Channel
( Over 33,000,000 Views )

Cookingaround Channel 
( Over 12,800,000 Views )


What About Me, What Can I do;

-  Everyone has some talent or hidden talent.

- Study other videos of your interests.

-  Need to explore yourself.

-   Find your niche.

-  Think “What can I Offer”.

How you Make Money;

-  Google adds small advertising to your Videos and Pages.

-  Paid per click on your ad’s.

-  Paid per amount of video views.

- Offers from other sources, web-Sites, Companies, Brand names…Etc.

Types of  YouTube Accounts;

- General Account

- Monetization Partner

- Full  YouTube Partner

Account set-up;

- First, you must set up an account.
-  If you already have a Gmail Account, you can log in using the same name and password.

-   It's helpful to keep your email separate, so consider creating a new account strictly
    dedicated to your channel.

-  Think carefully about your username, will essentially become your brand name.

Create  A Video;

-  Making a Plan.

-   Producing quality content is most important.

-  The type of content you wish to create. Is it going to be a video blog, How-to, Talkshow,
    Instructive, Sketch Comedy, Cooking, variety... Etc.
-  Be Original.

-  Difference between creating recreational YouTube videos and hosting a channel in the
   Partner Program is original content.

-  Melting pot of cat videos, remixes, autotunes, etc., but it's much more of an investment to
   put a personal stamp on video content, Make it your Own.

-  Even if your content isn't great at first, keep at it. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each
    Video better than the last one.

-  By uploading regularly you can help hold an audience.

Being Legal on YouTube;

-  Must own all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals and audio, whether they
   belong to you or a third party.

-  Copyrighted videos and playlists of another YouTube user's videos does not qualify for

-  Make sure you have all of the necessary rights to use the content commercially at your

Patience and Consistency;

-   Don't expect thousands of views right off the opening Gate.

 - Those precious views, you must be a reliable and professional content creator.

-  Subscribers crave dependability, Upload often.

-  Do not get Greedy.


-  You don't need a studio budget.

-  Quality cameras are now advanced and affordable, even a Cell phone.

-  Reasonable fast Computer.

-  Good Editing Software.

-  To start “Keep it simple”.

Making a Video;

-  Lighting is equally important.

-  Proper editing is important.

-  Learn proper camera filming and moves.

-  Depending on your type of Video, keep it at the proper length.

-  Uploading poor content or many useless videos will have a negative effect.

-  Be careful your content, that it does not violate the Guidelines.

Uploading Your Video;

-  Think about your “Opening  Title “ .

-  Write up the proper description.

-  Get those tags right.

-  Copy the big boys.

-  Interlinking tags and search words.

Get Your Videos Moving;

-  Use a good Video Picture or the best the Program gives you.

-  Find the same interests of your videos on Facebook.

-  Upload one of your videos as a video response

-  Make comments on other  Blogs or websites to promote your Channel.

-  Be active. If you log in frequently, people will watch your channel frequently.

-  Always reply to comments and keep the viewers involved.

- Always give a “Thank For The Sub.”  On the viewer's page.

To  Get Paid;

-  Setup Google Adsense for free at

-  You need either PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as other
    information so they can verify who you are and who to send the money to.

Protecting your Account;

-  Follow the  YouTube Guidelines.

-  Do not spam on the Channels.

-  Do not upload copyright Music/ Material.

-  Do not upload any stolen/copied Video.

-  Do not upload any pictures from the Internet.

-  Never “click” on your video ads.

-  Never use internet robots to increase sales.

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  1. Note from Pablo Andrew - Expat Radio LLC/Expat Media Sp. Z.o.o on yesterdays Youtube Lecture.

    Pablo Andrew Lane Yesterday's talk by Anthony Carapinha at the Google Center in Krakow was very inspiring & Expat Radio LLC/Expat Media Sp. Z.o.o. are likely going to sign up for his Corporate Workshop on utilizing youtube for profit, exposure and entertainment.

    This Guy really knows what he's talking about and will be lecturing throughout Poland this year at all the cities with major universities. If you missed it be sorry... BUT the Good News: he's doing many more free lectures and workshops virtually everywhere in Poland and other cities in the EU.