Friday, 14 June 2013

Marketing For Business - Lecture No.1 (Free Lecture).

                    Marketing For Business


-  Some you up in the first 5 mins.
-  Show confidence in yourself.
-  Show confidence in your Product.
-  Always do what you say.
-  Have the right tools.
Dress for success.

Write a Plan

-  White down your Business Plan.
-   Set Goals, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.
-  Have a Plan B.
-  Adjust Plan as necessary.
-  Review often.

Cultivate Your Existing Network

-  Look at your path of your close parameters.

Reach out to the connections you already have.

-  Networking with your immediate social Groups.

-  Seek out People that are willing to help you. 

-  Set-up  Bird Dogs.

-  Spread the word.

Don’t Just Market Yourself, Be an Expert

-  Know your Product, backward and forwards.

-  Understand what your competition is doing.

-  Why is your Product better than the rest?

-  If you do not have the answer.

-  What I can do for you.

Time  Management

-  Put everything into perspective.

-  More effort on 25% of Clients that give you more.

-  Schedule your Meetings by day and location.

-  Do not work on overload.

-  Take the rest time to rest.

-  Be brain dead.

   Manage Your  Footprints

    -  Use all available Web Sites at hand.

    -  Set up links to other Businesses.

     -  Follow up with all leads and comments.

      -  Use the Net to Network.

      -  Learn from your mistakes.

       -  Backtrack and analyze.




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