Friday, 7 June 2013

Can YouTube Help Your Sales.

The question is can a YouTube video help  a Person make sales with a few videos on their YouTube Channel. In fact, the answer is “yes” it can, more than what you would think.

Let’s just take a  Person that’s in the Real Estate Business and his main objective is to make sales of  his Clients properties and rental units. By generating some videos on a YouTube Channel   would have a/or get a  constant flow of people watching the videos and getting the right information  for their needs on the subject that you can provide. The internet is based and was built on the information highway,  90% of the searches are people looking for that how-to, where should I go and/or why is it like that. By stepping on this highway and giving out the right information that people needs, is the way to success not only on YouTube earnings, but  getting a constant flow of Customers looking at your videos.

Let’s say that you have produced a video or videos that have views say around 1,000 views per day. These videos would be available 24/7 and 365 days a week, right from their main Offices to a person sitting on their Couch. The subject of the video could be on the subject like;

-  How to find the right Real Estate Agent.
-  Why do or when do you need a Lawyer.
-  How to look for the best mortgage rates. 
-  How to look for the right neighborhood.
-  How much can I afford.
-  What kind of home can I get for money limit.
-  What can I expect, with  the % yield in the future.
-  What to look for in buying a property.
-  Etc., etc…

As you can see that people would flock to the subjects above  and they  would keep referring back to your Channel for existing videos and new ones. A trust would be built up between you and  you're existing and future Customers.

This  works is to attract  Persons to your videos looking for information on the subject  on hand and  by adding  a clickable link right on the video screen in various places, for when “clicked” will take them directly to your Business Page or  Web Site. The “click”  message could go like this;

-   For more  information, Please “click  Here”.
-   “Click Here” to get the personal touch. 
-   Find homes in your areas “Click Here”. 
-   To read my Bio, please  “Click Here”. 
-   Etc., etc…

Now you can direct your Future Clients to your Business working areas by simply making the Videos in you language or setting it to your County location. The World is yours our just your place next door, the choice is yours to make and control.

So in conclusion and to sum it up, a corrected placed videos with a YouTube Channel can be a place for everyone and your Clients to look for information on your subject, which in turn, turns into one word “Sales”.

Anthony Carapinha
Director – Business Euro Net.

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