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Anthony M. Carapinha - Bio

Anthony M. Carapinha

Anthony Carapinha was born in the Azores Island of Portugal in 1962  and came to live in Canada at the age of two.  Being an outgoing Child,  he started to build his Business at the age of eight,  by working after school  by selling planting fertilizer to all his neighbors that he got from a locale  Horse stables.  His earnings at that time  were about  1/3 of the average wage, all built-up by selling the bags for the gardens for  about 10 to 15 cents per bag.  At the age of 15 with his other early achievements  in other Business's, had purchased his own  Home, that had to be signed by his Parents for he was underage to own property, along with a  new sports car that he was not allowed to drive.

Over the years,  Anthony has Graduated and filled his dream of becoming a  Architect and owned and operated his  Architectural  Firm that employed nine Professionals that specialized in “Investment  Income Property” for over  12 years.   During this time he also continued his education in pursuit of his greatest passion  “Cooking”, with this he became a  Culinary Chef, were he only Cooks for his Friends and Family and has never worked for  anybody but will help out a Restaurant in need. 

In around 1989 he retired to his Homeland in the Azores after the real-estate crash of the time and decided to just to enjoy his accomplishments. Now that did not last long and being an active Person,  Anthony volunteered his services to the Red-Cross to work in Peru in South America.  In turn, what was supposed to be a six-month term turned out to be almost three years.  In that time, he worked a long a  German  Doctor who gave him intrusive  medical training for six months and  that left him to traveled all over  Peru by himself, giving Heath Care where it was needed.

In around  1992 or so, Anthony returned back to Canada where he started a Construction Company that specialized in small and large repairs  to  Condominiums, Rentals,  New housing warranty  repairs,  and Governmental special  Housing.  All in all the Company in a short time grew to employee upwards of over 26  workers, with two supervisors and a full-time Manager.  

Having the Company under self-control,  he proceed to  operate some other Companies that were in the  Consulting for  Business Recovery Expert, Restaurateur Specialist. With this,  his customers  were  Canadian  Banks that called on his services to analyze,  recommend and  solve the individual  Company’s  bottom line earnings.

Now he moved to Krakow Poland in the year  2011  and now operates some of his Business’s in Canada and in the Azores from here in Poland.  At the request of his Girlfriend, he was asked to take a year off or more, to just relax and enjoy the Country. Now,   of course sitting on his Couch and just playing with his computer, he found that Youtube made him a total of  5 euro’s  in one mouth of earnings. After seeing this "possibility of earnings",  he built himself into a Full YouTube Partner with a growth of about  65, 000 views a day, 1.9 million views per month and a growing count of about 55,000,000 views make him, top 15% in the World.   All this was built in a year with top average earnings for the effort.

His main objective now here in Poland is to create a Consulting Firm, that will teach  and Lecture around Europe on  Motivational   Living,  Business and  YouTube  As  A Business.

Positions in Krakow:
Director Of  BNK (Business Networking Krakow),
Director Of  BEN  Consulting  (Business Euro Net).
Moderator and Main Organizer of CouchSurfing Krakow with over 19,000 Members.

Anthony’s  other  Interests:  Psychological Parable Writer,   Poetry literary content Writer.

Short Stories, Low-pressure Residential Fire Systems,

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